BOTE DIY Couples

DIY means that you want to do everything for your wedding day and don’t want a professional
wedding planner.
This means you take on the role of a wedding planner and coordinator, maybe you have some help
from family and friends and then you need to make sure you over see everything from the florist to
caterer, designer, coordinator, photographer, videographer, décor person and so forth. You may even
become these vendors if you are a true DIY bride.
BOTE has decided to help you in this case, because hey, sometimes everyone needs a little help. We
want you to avoid making costly mistakes and getting to a level of frustration that you can’t enjoy your
special day.
This package in no way replaces an actual wedding planner and coordinator, which we highly
recommend for any wedding.

This package includes:
60 min video chat with us.
45 mins of us giving you tips for planning and coordination.
15 min Q & A
A PDF file with a checklist for your special day
and much needed information to keep you on track.
Price: R2000,00 


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